WordPress as a journal

Using WordPress as a journal

I’m going to start using WordPress as a journal

Recently I had the amazing idea of using WordPress as a journal. I’d take this powerful CMS, WordPress, the software that millions of companies are built upon, and I’d use it as a personal journal. I’d use WordPress to make my webpage into a discussion-type website published on the World Wide Web. My journal would consist of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries I’ll call “posts”. My “posts” will be displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent “post” appears first, at the top of the webpage.

OK, obviously that’s a joke (thank you Wikipedia) that maybe you’ll get, maybe not. Either way feel free to ignore it.

I haven’t used WordPress as a journal (an actual blog) in years. I’ve set up countless blogs for others, built simple themes for blogs, created a few plugins for blogs, etc., but mostly I’ve helped others use WordPress as a platform for their business. It might contain a “blog” or “news” section, but that was its secondary purpose. Mostly it was a business platform.

My Motivation for Blogging Now

Since I’ve decided to focus my time on WordPress development, I thought it would be fun and perhaps instructive if I blogged the process. Making note of my ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, projects that I’m working on, new clients, etc. I know this is being done by countless others – but each person’s journey is unique and worth putting out there.

So that’s a bit about why I’m blogging and what you can expect to see here. I hope you’ll join my along my journey. – Adam