its me, Adam John Lea You can tell a lot about me from that picture – I like Starbucks and coffee, I love the Red Sox, I have splotchy skin and a lot of gray hair. Let’s see what else of a personal nature shall I divulge?

I’ve been married for 27 years, I have three children, three cats, and a dog. There are 20 Apple devices in my house and I’d buy more if I could. I think October 5th should be a national holiday. I’ve used WordPress since before it was WordPress ( b2/cafelog ) and have developed on the platform off and on for 10 years. Recently I’ve decided to get serious and focus my future development efforts on WordPress. Except for my existing non-WordPress clients, of course.

Want to know more?
I’m not sure why you’d want to, but if you do here are the best ways to find out more about me. I tend to post different things on each platform:


My Philosophy
dreams dont work unless you do